Microreactor Program Review 2023

March 8 – 9, 2023

Meeting Objectives:

This Program Review will be focused on ongoing progress for each Technical Focus Area and discussion of path forward for the remainder of FY23. Discussions will highlight:

  • Accomplishments to date and progress on key efforts
  • Issues/concerns related to meeting FY23 goals and M2 milestones
  • Potential collaboration with other NE programs
  • Initial thoughts on priorities for FY24 and beyond
  • Review participant questions

Program Vision:

Through cross-cutting research and development and technology demonstration support, by 2025 the Microreactor Program will:

  • Achieve technological breakthroughs for key features of microreactors
  • Empower initial demonstration of the next advanced reactor in the US
  • Enable successful demonstrations of multiple domestic commercial microreactors

Program Objectives:

  1. Meet critical R&D needs of existing developers that require national lab or university expertise or capabilities
  2. Develop R&D infrastructure to support design, demonstration, regulatory, and safety related tests and to collect data to validate M&S tools.
  3. Develop advanced technologies and concepts for next-generation microreactor applications and systems
  4. Enable future microreactor applications (e.g., district heat, hydrogen production, and defense applications).



DOE Kickoff

Program Overview

Systems Integration and Analysis

Technology Maturation

Demonstration Capabilities

Microreactor Application

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