Supporting those nuclear developers who meet the GAIN NE Voucher program’s technical and market-impact criteria is critical to maximizing the impact its resources can provide. GAIN helps applicants navigate every step of the process, giving them the best chance to participate in the program and accelerate the advancement of their technology.

We strongly recommend that prospective voucher applicants reach out to GAIN to discuss their proposal’s scope and cost estimate before they apply, both of which are essential in the creation of a successful application. Contact Chris Lohse, Innovation & Technology Manager, at [email protected] or 925-698-9988, to schedule a consultation.

Criteria and Tips

Prospective voucher applicants must meet the GAIN NE Voucher program’s eligibility criteria and submit a request. The following pages detail the steps and criteria required to participate in the program.

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Potential NE Voucher applicants should contact GAIN to prepare for the CRADA requirements. Learn more >

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GAIN is ready to help at every phase of the process, including your submission. Learn more >


DOE-NE accepts applications focused on the production and utilization of nuclear energy produced from fission, including the generation of electricity and supply of process heat, among other areas. GAIN expects applications to align with one of the following general categories.

  • Analysis and evaluation associated with advanced reactor concepts and designs, including the development of R&D-based licensing, technical requirements, and regulatory strategies

  • Structural material and component development, testing, and qualification

  • Advanced nuclear fuel development, fabrication, and testing, including fuel materials and cladding

  • Development, testing, and qualification of instrumentation, controls, and sensor technologies that are hardened for harsh environments and secured against cyber intrusion

  • Modeling and simulation, high-performance computing, codes, and methods

  • Technical assistance from subject matter experts, data to support technology development, and assessments on key technical or licensing issues

important Voucher Dates

Jul 31

FY-2024 4th Round Proposals Due

Proposals for the FY-2024 4th Round GAIN Nuclear Energy (NE) Vouchers are due by 5:00pm EST on Wednesday, July 31, 2024

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