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WHich Legacy DOCUMENTs Are Available?

In addition to various acquisition projects, GAIN manages a list of 12,000 reports, images, drawings, data files, and more that capture the recorded legacy of U.S. nuclear research. Learn about the different types of documents and search the list below. If you’d like more information on the legacy document release process and how GAIN can support you, contact Holly Powell, Operations Manager, at [email protected] or 208-357-6812.

Types of holdings

  • Reviewed Documents: This includes documents that GAIN has reviewed, such as the Fuel Manufacturing Facility (FMF) Casting Furnace documents.
  • Applied Technology Documents: We have more than 12,000 documents in this category, many of which date back to the Cold War. Once industry requests one of these documents, we initiate our Legacy Release Process.
  • In-Process Legacy Projects: This type of holding consists of documents received through acquisition projects, such as those with the New Production Reactor (NPR) and Clinch River Breeder Reactor (CRBR).
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