60 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | SUPPLIER MAIDANA RESEARCH MAIDANA RESEARCH is a small business dedicated to engineering design and scientific research. Its main set of activities rely on computer aided design, engineering and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM), basic and applied research in the engineering and physical sciences, and consulting in topics related to industries and advanced technologies deemed critical to national security and to long term economic development including, but not limited to, aerospace, satellites, nuclear technologies, defense-related industries, and advanced energy systems. We also provide specialized services in the research, design and development of liquid metal and molten salt thermo- magnetic systems for nuclear, space and industrial applications including software development, rapid prototyping, advanced and hybrid manufacturing of components, test loops, instrumentation, and control and digital monitoring systems for active flow control and machine protection. Location: ID, UT, Switzerland, Thailand Founded: 2006 Principal/CEO: Carlos O. Maidana Major Customers: N/A Federal Engagement: DOE, GAIN, NASA, DoD, Other Preferred Point of Contact: management@maidana-research.com www.maidana-research.com