23 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | DEVELOPER Location: Lansing, MI Founded: 2005 Principal/CEO: Terry L. Grimm (President) Major Investors: Privately funded Technology Class: Liquid metal cooled (lead-bismuth eutectic) Reactor Type: Hybrid fast/thermal spectrum subcritical testbed Power Output (MWe/MWT): 0.1-10 MWt Federal Engagement: DOE, NRC, DOD, NIH Preferred Point of Contact: Faisal Y. Odeh / odeh@niowaveinc.com NIOWAVE, INC. Niowave is utilizing transformative science and technology for advancing nuclear power to meet the nation’s energy and security needs. Niowave’s Radioisotope Program established both the facilities and the NRC license to operate a subcritical assembly and perform nuclear fuel reprocessing. The team is developing a hybrid fast/thermal spectrum subcritical testbed, coupled to a superconducting electron linac, to provide peak fast-spectrum neutron fluxes greater than 1E15 n/cm2s in heavy liquid-metal environment. The facility will be used to test novel fuels, materials, instruments and components, reactor safety designs, provide data for reactor code development, and support the regulatory process for licensing novel technology. www.niowaveinc.com