14 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | DEVELOPER FRAMATOME, INC. Framatome is a major international player in the nuclear energy market recognized for its innovative solutions and value-added technologies for designing, building, maintaining, and advancing the global nuclear fleet. The company designs, manufactures, and installs components, fuel and instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants and offers a full range of reactor services. Framatome is developing the Steam Cycle HTGR Generation IV advanced reactor concept. Its scalable design provides options for a variety of customer needs for high-temperature steam and electricity. Its unparalleled safety profile allows co-location with customer facilities. True walk-away safety and restart capability following a design-basis accident make the SC-HTGR a low investment risk for plant owners and operators. Location: Lynchburg, VA Founded: 1989 Principal/CEO: Gary Mignogna Major Investors: N/A Technology Class: High temperature gas cooled Reactor Type: Steam cycle high temperature gas cooled reactor Power Output (MWe/MWT): 22-272 MWe / 50-625 MWt Federal Engagement: DOE, GAIN, ARPA-E, NRC Preferred Point of Contact: Darryl Gordon / Darryl.gordon@framatome.com / 434-832-5199 www.framatome.com