27 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | DEVELOPER Location: Bellevue, WA Founded: 2008 Principal/CEO: Bill Gates (Chairman), Lee McIntire (CEO), Chris Levesque (President) Major Investors: N/A Technology Class: Liquid metal and salt cooled Reactor Type: Traveling wave reactor—sodium cooled fast reactor; Molten chloride fast reactor—molten salt/liquid fuel fast reactor Power Output (MWe/MWT): Various (up to 1200 MWe) for both concepts Federal Engagement: DOE, NRC Preferred Point of Contact: inquiries@terrapower.com TERRAPOWER, LLC TerraPower is a nuclear innovation company that originated with Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries who evaluated the fundamental challenges to raising living standards around the world. TerraPower's mission is to be a world leader in new nuclear technologies, while developing innovators and future leaders in the nuclear field. terrapower.com