59 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | SUPPLIER LPI, INC. LPI, Inc. was established in New York City in 1885 to provide services to a fast evolving industrial nation. We began by doing chemical assays for a variety of industries. In the 1950s, a metallurgical laboratory, metallurgical services, and failure analyses were added. Over time, this expanded to include stress analysis, fracture mechanics, and other services that made us a full-service consulting engineering firm. LPI, Inc. has continually expanded our staff and capabilities to enable a broad range of expertise. In turn, our clients trust us to solve problems that range from challenging to extraordinary. With over a century of service, LPI, Inc. has a long held, outstanding, and global reputation for engineering excellence and cost effective problem solving. Whether it involves the analysis of the New York World Trade Center disaster, the breakup of an oil tanker in the North Atlantic, the weakening of a stadium roof structure, or the cracking of a critical component at a nuclear power facility, every industrial sector today faces a growing need to continue operating existing structures and current equipment in a safe, reliable, and cost effective manner. Our business mission is to assess and deliver the most cost effective solutions to our clients’ engineering problems. To accomplish this, we’ve developed a multi- disciplined staff of technical specialists with expertise in many specialized industrial sectors. Location: New York, NY Founded: 1885 Principal/CEO: Robert Vecchio Major Customers: N/A Federal Engagement: DOE, ARPA-E, GAIN, NRC Preferred Point of Contact: Jennifer Labeaf / jlabeaf@lpiny.com / 509-420-7684 www.lpiny.com