49 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | SUPPLIER FAUSKE & ASSOCIATES, LLC FAI specializes in modeling and analyzing both power and non- power nuclear facilities, including light water and liquid metal cooled reactors (LMRs), spent fuel, legacy waste processing, and storage facilities. FAI developed FATE, a facility and process modeling code originally created to support design and safety analyses of spent fuel, tank waste, vitrification, and special materials at DOE’s Hanford site. Recently, under the GAIN initiative, FATE was coupled with a LMR accident analysis code to provide mechanistic source term analysis capability for licensing purposes. Location: Burr Ridge, IL Founded: 1980 Principal/CEO: John Fasnacht Major Customers: Westinghouse, Kairos, Sellafield, Hanford, Korea Atomic Research Institute (KAERI) Federal Engagement: DOE, GAIN, NRC Preferred Point of Contact: Jim Burelbach / burelbach@fauske.com www.fauske.com