15 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | DEVELOPER GE HITACHI NUCLEAR ENERGY GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) is a global nuclear alliance and world- leading provider of advanced reactor technology, nuclear fuel and services, with more than 60 years of experience developing water and sodium-cooled reactor technology. PRISM is a sodium-cooled, advanced fast reactor that employs inherently-safe metal fuel and air-cooled passive safety, and can be utilized for power generation, process heat, and closing the fuel cycle. PRISM has significant licensing, testing, design, and operation basis (e.g. EBR-II) and provides the highest potential for a successful Generation IV project. BWRX-300 is an innovative water-cooled SMR based on, but simplifying, the NRC-licensed ESBWR. BWRX-300 is projected to cost significantly less per kW than current large and SMR nuclear designs, has competitive lifecycle costs with natural gas combined cycle plants, and is ready for near term deployment. In addition to providing advanced reactors, GEH also offers New Plant Services to support the various new reactor designers by sharing its expertise, experience, and infrastructure. Location: Wilmington, NC Founded: 1955 Principal/CEO: Jay Wileman Major Investors: N/A Technology Class: PRISM: GEN IV Advanced Reactor; BWRX-300: GEN III+ SMR Reactor Type: PRISM: Sodium fast reactor; BWRX-300: Boiling water reactor Power Output (MWe/MWT): PRISM: 165 & 311 MWe / 471 & 840 MWt; BWRX-300: 300 MWe / 910 MWt Federal Engagement: DOE, NRC, GNEP, ALMR Preferred Point of Contact: Patrick Looney / Patrick.Looney@ge.com; Eric Loewen / Eric.Loewen@ge.com; GEH.NPP@ge.com www.nuclear.gepower.com