20 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | DEVELOPER KAIROS POWER LLC Our mission: enable the world's transition to clean energy, with the ultimate goal of dramatically improving people's quality of life while protecting the environment. Kairos Power will commercialize the fluoride salt-cooled high-temperature reactor (FHR), which can be deployed with robust safety, cost competitiveness through high efficiency and low-pressure small modular design, and flexible operation to accommodate the expansion of variable renewables. Location: San Francisco, CA Founded: 2016 Principal/CEO: Michael Laufer Major Investors: N/A Technology Class: Solid-fueled/Molten salt cooled Reactor Type: Graphite-moderated, fluoride salt-cooled, high temperature reactor Power Output (MWe/MWT): N/A Federal Engagement: GAIN Preferred Point of Contact: Jaclyn Rodriguez / rodriguez@kairospower.com www.kairospower.com