12 ADVANCED NUCLEAR | DEVELOPER ELYSIUM INDUSTRIES Elysium Industries is developing molten chloride salt fast reactor technology to unlock the abundance of clean, safe, and inexpensive energy for our growing globalized and digitized world. Location: Schenectady, NY Founded: 2015 Principal/CEO: Youseff Ballout (President), Ed Pheil (CTO), Carl Perez (CEO) Major Investors: N/A Technology Class: Liquid salt fueled/cooled MSRs Reactor Type: Molten chloride salt fast reactor Power Output (MWe/MWT): 20-2000 MWe / 125-5000 MWt Federal Engagement: DOE, GAIN, Other Preferred Point of Contact: Ed Pheil / e.pheil@elysium-v.com www.elysiumindustries.com