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Updated Wednesday, June 11, 2020

GAIN Announces 3rd-Round FY-2020 Nuclear Energy Voucher Recipients
NEWS MEDIA CONTACT:Sarah A. Neumann, 208-520-1651,
June 11, 2020
The Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) announced today that two nuclear companies will be provided GAIN Nuclear Energy (NE) Vouchers to accelerate the innovation and application of advanced nuclear technologies. NE vouchers provide advanced nuclear technology innovators with access to the extensive nuclear research capabilities and expertise available across the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory complex. This is the third set of awards in FY 2020. 

The businesses selected to receive GAIN nuclear energy vouchers for Round 3 FY 2020 are:

FY-2020 3rd Round Voucher Recipients

GAIN NE voucher recipients do not receive direct financial awards. The GAIN nuclear energy vouchers provide access to national laboratory capabilities at no cost to the voucher recipients. All awardees are responsible for a minimum 20 percent cost share, which could be an in-kind contribution.

The GAIN NE Voucher Program accepts applications on innovation that supports production and utilization of nuclear energy (e.g., for generation of electricity, supply of process heat, etc.) in the following general topic areas:

  • Analysis and evaluation of, and for, advanced reactor concepts and associated designs, including development of licensing information or strategies
  • Structural material and component development, testing and qualification
  • Advanced nuclear fuel development, fabrication and testing (includes fuel materials and cladding)
  • Development, testing, and qualification of instrumentation, controls, and sensor technologies that are hardened for harsh environments and secured against cyber intrusion
  • Modeling and simulation, high-performance computing, codes and methods
  • Technical assistance from subject matter experts and/or data/information to support technology development and/or confirm key technical or licensing issues
Further information on the GAIN nuclear energy voucher program as well as current and all past awards may be found here

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) established GAIN to provide the nuclear community with the technical, regulatory and financial support necessary to move innovative nuclear energy technologies toward commercialization while ensuring the continued safe, reliable and economic operation of the existing nuclear fleet.  Through GAIN, DOE is making its state-of-the-art and continuously improving RD&D infrastructure available to stakeholders to achieve faster and cost-effective development of innovative nuclear energy technologies toward commercial readiness.


U.S. Department of Energy Launches $230 Million Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program
May 14, 2020
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the launch of the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP) within the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE). ARDP is designed to help domestic private industry demonstrate advanced nuclear reactors in the United States.
For the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, Congress appropriated $230 million to start a new demonstration program for advanced reactors. Through cost-shared Partnerships with industry, ARDP will provide $160 million for initial funding to build two reactors that can be operational within the next 5 to 7 years.
"The next generation of nuclear energy is critical to our Nation's energy security and environmental stewardship," said U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette. "As the recently released Nuclear Fuel Working Group's Strategy to Restore American Nuclear Energy Leadership exemplifies, we must pursue technological innovation and advanced nuclear RD&D investments to strengthen American leadership in the next generation of nuclear technologies, ensuring a healthy and growing U.S. nuclear energy sector."

Power Your Lego Collections with Atomic Power Town
By Steven Petersen for INL Public Affairs  
Atoms are everywhere. They are the building blocks of all things, including nuclear power. Lego bricks on the other hand, are the building blocks of, well, fun! So, what do you get when you combine nuclear power with Lego bricks? Atomic Town Power. 

In this nuclear power based set, the wonders of clean, reliable energy are put directly into your hands. Composed of roughly 3,000 pieces, Atomic Town Power comes equipped with chemists, a control room and even a hot cell that can rotate inside its glowing reactor. 

The set was inspired by Experimental Breeder Reactor I, which produced electricity using nuclear power for the first time in 1951 at what is known today as Idaho National Laboratory. 

Pair Atomic Town Power Lego kit with any other set, and you will have a clean source of energy to power your entire collection! 

Learn more about the benefits of nuclear energy by supporting Atomic Town Power and help us vote this one-of-a-kind set into reality. 

The GAIN NE Voucher Program has been updated!  
May 1, 2020
You can find the updated Request for Assistance (RFA) here and a summary of changes here.  

Visit GAIN at Follow @GAINNuclear on Twitter or visit our Facebook page at
If you have a regulatory question for NRC, please see the GAIN Regulatory Tab to submit your question.  

To view previous posts visit: What's New In GAIN Archive
FY2019 GAIN Highlights Image
FY2019 GAIN Highlights (Printable Version)
Gensler & Third Way (2018)
Adaptive Reuse of EBR-II Dome (2019)
Architectural Rendering

This rendering represents a vision for the iconic Experimental Breeder Reactor II dome. It is a conceptual design at this point and represents—in the spirit of reimagining nuclear energy—the infinite possibilities for renewed infrastructure. We hope that you find this rendering inspirational and ask you to reflect on how the nuclear industry can repurpose old facilities to demonstrate new technologies. 




GAIN University Directory
GAIN provides the nuclear energy industry a single point of access to the technical, regulatory, and financial support necessary to propel advanced nuclear technologies, including advanced reactors and technologies which advance existing reactors, toward commercialization.

The GAIN University Directory will highlight university nuclear research and  development capabilities of interest to advanced  nuclear technology developers. University participation is voluntary and not comprehensive. The directory will provide a "Resource" section with various links to detailed descriptions of university offerings. 

If your university wants to participate in the directory, please check here to fill out the form.

 GAIN Advanced Nuclear Directory
PDF Version Sixth Edition
This directory was created in partnership between the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) and Third Way, with the help of the United States Nuclear Infrastructure Council (USNIC). 

It offers a sample of companies engaged in the development of advanced nuclear technologies and should not be considered a comprehensive list of this industry. If you are interested in additional information please go to the contact tab and leave a message.

If your company is a developer or supplier in the advanced nuclear technology area and you want to participate in the directory, please check here to fill out the form.

The next revision deadline is May, 2020.
FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Actions to Ensure that Nuclear Energy Remains a Vibrant Component of the Unites States' Clean Energy Strategy
November 06, 2015
As detailed in the Climate Action Plan, President Obama is committed to using every appropriate tool to combat climate change. Nuclear power, which in 2014 generated about 60 percent of carbon-free electricity in the United States, continues to play a major role in efforts to reduce carbon emission from the power sector. As America leads the global transition to a low-carbon economy, the continued development of new and advanced nuclear technologies along with support for currently operating nuclear power plants is an important component of our clean energy strategy. Investing in the safe and secure development of nuclear power also helps advance other vital policy objectives in the national interest, such as maintaining economic competitiveness and job creation, as well as enhancing nuclear nonproliferation efforts, nuclear safety and security, and energy security.