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Webinar #3: Identifying and Managing Regulatory Risk on the Paths to Successful Deployment

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Webinar #4: Establishing New Routes to Our Regulatory Future

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Webinar ​#1 - Paving the Way: A Historic Journey to Deployment
January 27, ​2021: Noon - 3:00 pm MST

  • ​Historical Development of Nuclear Energy - Phil Hildebrandt​
    • ​​1940s-1960s
    • History of Naval Nuclear Propulsion and the Hand-off to Commercial
  • Structure of NRC Regulatory Framework: Historical Licensing Landmarks - Roger Mattson
    • Searching for the Regulator's Role: 1954 to 1975
    • Developing the Independent Regulator: 1975 to 1979
    • Correcting for Operational Experience​: 1980 to Today
  • Structure of the Current NRC Regulatory Framework and Considerations for Advanced Technologies - Jim Kinsey
    • ​Fundamental Safety Functions
    • "Patchwork" or Regulatory Requirements
    • Key Takeaways and Topics for Next Webinar
Presentations                                                                               Presenter Bios​
Historical Develo​pment of Nuclear Energy Technology ​ Phil Hildebrandt
Structure of NRC Regulatory Framework​                         Roger Mattson

Q & A - Responses

Lessons Learned in the Aftermath of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident

Webinar #2: Understanding and Navigating Within the Existing Regulatory Framework February 24, 2021: Noon - 3:00 pm MST
  • So – Just What is the Regulatory “Framework"? - Ryan Lighty
    • Overview of NRC organizational structure
    • Statutes, regulations, guidance, Commission policy
    • Hierarchy of documents & significance of that hierarchy
  • Insights on the Efficient Exchange of Licensing Information - Ray Schiele
    • Available NRC communication paths
    • Establishing an effective pre-application approach
    • Examples of completed licensing actions
  • Regulatory Considerations when Developing a Deployment Path - Jim Kinsey
    • Review of insights from Webinar # 1
    • Key takeaways from today
    • Plans for Webinar # 3 (and beyond?)
Presentations                                                                               ​Presenter Bios
What Is The Regulatory Framework                                     Ryan Lighty
Executing A Regulatory Engagement Strategy                   Ray Schiele
​Regulatory Framework Development​                                  Jim Kinsey
 The Regulatory Route to Commercial Nuclear Deployment Webinar Video #2

If you have questions regarding this webinar se​ries 
please email us at GAINEVENTS@INL.GOV