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Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear

The mission of the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) is to advance nuclear power as a resource capable of meeting the nation's energy, environmental and national security needs by resolving technical, cost, safety, proliferation resistance, and security barriers through research, development and demonstration [RD&D]...



​​The Nuclear Energy Oak Ridge Site Office (NE-ORSO) of the Department of Energy (DOE) plans to contract with American Centrifuge Operating LLC (ACO), a subsidiary of Centrus Energy Corp., for the demonstration of high assay low enriched uranium (HALEU) production to support DOE research and development activities and programs. The HALEU Demonstration Program has two primary objectives: (1) Deployment of a 16 machine AC-100M HALEU Cascade producing a 19.75% U-235 enriched product by October 2020; and (2) Demonstration of the capability to produce HALEU with existing U.S.-origin enrichment technology, and provide DOE with a small quantity of HALEU beginning in 2020 for use in its research and development for the advancement of civilian nuclear energy and security, and other programmatic missions. The period of performance for this award is anticipated to be January 2019 ? December 2020 with a one year option. READ MORE 

"Transatomic is extremely grateful to the GAIN initiative for supporting our technology development and the growth of the advanced reactor sector as a whole. Via GAIN, we've worked with the Oak Ridge National Lab to validate our reactor's neutronics and fuel cycle performance, and with the Argonne National Lab to gather material property data for our fuel salt. One of the things we like best about our work with GAIN is that, once a project is completed, the results are openly published so that everyone in the advanced reactor community can learn from the research.

We saw firsthand the benefits of GAIN's collaborative and inclusive attitude – in a new and rapidly-developing sector like advanced reactor design, everyone wins when we can pool resources and share knowledge. Ultimately, GAIN inspired us to put our reactor design in the public domain, making it available for any researchers – private, public, or non-profit – who want to continue the work we've started.

It will take all of us working together to build a robust advanced nuclear sector and make better sources of carbon-free electricity."
~ Leslie Dewan, TransAtomic Power Corporation 


​GEN IV International Forum is happy to announce that they are resuming their webinar series on Gen IV systems and cross-cutting subjects. Mr. Ilya Pakhomov from IPPE, Russia, will give a webinar on the operating experiance of BN600 and BN800 sodium-cooled fast reactors, on December 19th at 5:30 AM (PST); 8:30 AM (EST). 

Please register at the following link:

All webinars are archived and can be found at


Researchers can support small business-led proposals under the FY 2019 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I Release 2 Funding Opportunity Announcement

A webinar is scheduled Dec. 20 to expand your understanding of the opportunity. Please check the Funding Opportunity Announcement website for webinar registration, schedule and details.


​ANS Global and Top Fuel 2019, September 22-27, 2019, Seattle, WA 
Global is the leading international meeting on the nuclear fuel cycle held every other year, alternating between Asia, Europe, and the US. Bringing these two meeting together will give managers, scientists, and engineers an opportunity to share ideas and enter intro mutually beneficial collaborations.
TopFuel is the preeminent international meeting on new developments in LWR fuel performance held every year, atlernating between Asia, Europe, and the US. READ MORE

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