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Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear

The mission of the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) is to advance nuclear power as a resource capable of meeting the nation's energy, environmental and national security needs by resolving technical, cost, safety, proliferation resistance, and security barriers through research, development and demonstration [RD&D]...



In honor of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, October 8th, designated for the atomic weight of hydrogen, 1.008, NEI is pleased to encourage the nuclear community to respond to the U.S. Department of Energy's Request for Information(RFI) on H2@Scale. The objective of this RFI is to assess the domestic resources compatible with large-scale hydrogen production, as well as to identify pathways to effectively leverage these resources for near- and long-term use in major industries. Examples include nuclear resource availability (electric power and/or heat) as well as end use opportunities for hydrogen. Deadline is Oct 31. READ MORE


A $20+ million funding opportunity that leverages the R&D funding in the applied energy programs to mature promising energy technologies with the potential for high impact for commercialization with a private industry partner.  These funds are matched with funds from private partners to promote promising energy technologies for commercial purposes. READ MORE

There’s a lot at stake, but the rewards are high. And the time is now to power America’s future. READ MORE

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Today at 5:05 p.m., the Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) Facility at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) pulsed for a few seconds, subjecting a small capsule of light water reactor fuel to radiation and heat. The test marked the return of a capability that is critical to the United States’ role in the development of nuclear fuels, for both the existing fleet and a new generation of advanced reactors under design. READ MORE


DOE is seeking information, comments, feedback, and recommendations from parties interested in supporting a pilot program to demonstrate a micro-reactor at a DoD or DOE site to provide resilience for critical national security infrastructure.  In addition to reactor designers and vendors, nuclear utilities, nuclear fuel manufacturers, independent power producers, and companies with experience in engineering, manufacturing, procurement and construction of nuclear power plants are encouraged to reply to the applicable sections of this RFI with feedback on a potential pilot program.


The full Request For Information details may be found at

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RT @INL: Check this out ➡️ @INLs Nic Woolstenhulme used notebook paper to sketch out the design for the first experiment to run in TREAT i…