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GAIN and Coal to Nuclear

As energy communities throughout our nation transition from predominately fossil fuel production to cleaner technologies, we see an incredible opportunity to support and share Department of Energy and National Laboratory resources.

Repowering a coal station with nuclear is a way to replace the retiring coal generation capacity while utilizing what would otherwise be stranded assets and providing economic opportunity to site owners and surrounding communities. These transitions bring tangible benefits to the energy communities with additional jobs, new economic activities, and improved environmental conditions. These benefits are especially important for disadvantaged communities that were disproportionately impacted by fossil fuel pollution.

The GAIN team is engaging with nuclear-curious communities around the country as they consider advanced nuclear in their energy transitions. We are investigating, documenting and sharing the differences and similarities for communities as they move through the process in hopes that we can provide examples and opportunities when new communities and their partners start down this path.​

Converting Coal Plants into Nuclear Plants Report:

Recently, the Department of Energy released a report on coal to nuclear transitions highlighting opportunities and challenges as coal communities consider converting to nuclear.

The study found that hundreds of coal power plant sites across the country could be converted which would dramatically increase the supply of firm and dispatchable clean electricity to the grid. This will help deliver huge gains to the nation's goal of net-zero by 2050 and will positively impact energy communities around the nation by increasing jobs, economic value and reducing pollution.

Read the report here 

DOE announcement

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Converting Coal Plants to Nuclear Report - A Deep Dive 
October 4, 2022
Objective: Learning more and talking with the expert Systems Analysis & Integration team who conducted the study of Converting Coal Plants to Nuclear Report. Taking a deep dive into the study and discussing the impacts the transition from coal to nuclear can make on communities.
​​You can skip to the individual sessions at the following times:
  • Siting Evaluation - 1:05
  • Techno Economic Analysis - 1:57
  • Economic Impact - 2:42
  • General Questions - 3:34​
GAIN Case Study: Repurposing the Coronado Generating Station with Nuclear Technology
September 2023
NEW REPORT: Estimating Economic Impacts of Repurposing the Coronado Generating Station with Nuclear Technology (Apache and Navajo Counties)

This analysis is just one part of the analyses completed with community and utility partners associated with Coronado Generating Station. The report describes the socioeconomic characteristics of these counties and then provides the results of a comparison between two states of the world: one where CGS runs as a coal power plant and one where it runs as a nuclear power plant. The analysis measures economic impacts to jobs, labor income in the region, value added (i.e., new economic activity) and economic output. These metrics are assessed at the level of the power plant (direct impacts), at the supply chain supporting the power plant (indirect impacts), and in the community surrounding the power plant (induced impacts).  The other two analyses were site evaluation and technology assessment for nuclear power generation.​

​Interagency Working Group on Coal and Power Plan Communities and Economic Revitalization (Energy Communities IWG)