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2016Terrestrial Energy USAVerification of Molten-Salt Properties at High TemperaturesArgonne National Laboratory
2016Creare LLC Investigation of Materials for Continuous Casting of Metallic Nuclear FuelIdaho National Laboratory
2016CompRex, LLC High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger for High-Temperature and High-Pressure ApplicationsArgonne National Laboratory
2016BGTL, LLC High-Efficiency and Low-Cost Thermal Energy Storage System Argonne National Laboratory
2016Ceramic Tubular Products Robust Silicon Carbide Cladding for LWR Application - Corrosion and Irradiation Proof Test of Low-Cost Innovations in the MITRMassachusetts Institute of Technology
2016Oklo Inc. Legacy Metal Fuel Data Exploration for Commercial Scale-Up Argonne National Laboratory / Idaho National Laboratory
2016Transatomic Power Corp. Optimization and Assessment of the Neutronics and Fuel Cycle Performance of the Transatomic Power Molten Salt Reactor DesignOak Ridge National Laboratory
2016 Columbia Basin Consulting GroupLead-Bismuth Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Licensing Development Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2018ThorCon USAQuantify Sodium Fluoride/Beryllium Fluoride Salt Properties for Liquid Fueled Fluoride Molten Salt ReactorsArgonne National Laboratory
2018Exelon CorporationPlasma Separation Process Feasibility Study for the Commercial Enrichment of Gadolinium-157Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2018Westinghouse Electric Co.Development and Testing of Alumina-forming Austenitic Stainless Steels for Lead Fast Reactor ApplicationOak Ridge National Laboratory
2018Eastman Chemical Co.Integrated Nuclear Hybrid Energy SystemOak Ridge National Laboratory
2019FramatomeAdvanced Fuel Stability Analysis Using High-Fidelity Large Scale Computational Fluid Dynamic SimulationsArgonne National Laboratory
2019General Electric-HitachiEnabling System Technologies to Improve the Economics and Performance of Existing LWRs and Advanced BWR Plants: Improving Off-gas System Performance Idaho National Laboratory
2019Kairos PowerDevelop ASME Section III Division 5 Design Rules for Elevated Temperature Cladded Class A Type 316 Stainless Steel ComponentsArgonne National Laboratory
2019 Analysis & Measurement Services Corp.Testing of I&C Sensors and Cables for Small Modular ReactorsOak Ridge National Laboratory
2020Lightbridge CorporationAdvanced Test Reactor Experiment Design for Measurement of Lightbridge Fuel™ Thermophysical PropertiesIdaho National Laboratory
2017Micro Nuclear LLCDevelopment of the Microscale Nuclear BatteryIdaho National Laboratory
2017Kairos Poweruclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation Program Thermal-Fluids Test Stand Argonne National Laboratory / Idaho National Laboratory
2017Transatomic Power Corp. Fuel Salt CharacterizationArgonne National Laboratory
2017SMR Inventec (Holtec International)SMR-160 Primary Flow StabilityOak Ridge national Laboratory
2017 MuonsConversion of LWR Spent Nuclear Fuel to Fluoride Salt Fuel Oak Ridge National Laboratory / Idaho National Laboratory / Savannah River National Laboratory
2017Elysium IndustriesSynthesis of Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor Fuel Salt from Spent Nuclear FuelIdaho National Laboratory
2017Columbia Basin Consulting GroupMethodology for Meeting Containment System Principal Design Criteria for Heavy Metal Fast Reactor SystemsPacific Northwest National Laboratory
2017 GSE SystemsHuman Factors Engineering for the Move to Digital Control Systems – Improved Strategies for OperationsIdaho National Laboratory
2017Oklo Inc.Risk-Informed Mechanistic Source Term Calculations for a Compact Fast Reactor Argonne National Laboratory / Sandia National Laboratory
2017Fauske & AssociatesDevelopment of an Integrated Mechanistic Source Term Assessment Capability for Lead- and Sodium-cooled Fast ReactorsArgonne National Laboratory
2017 Analysis & Measurement Services Corp.Radiation Aging of Nuclear Power Plant Components Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2017Terrestrial Energy USAIntegral Molten Salt Reactor Fuel Salt Property Confirmation: Thermal Conductivity and ViscosityArgonne National Laboratory
2017NuVisionEvaluation of Power Fluidic Pumping Technology for Molten Salt Reactor ApplicationsOak Ridge National Laboratory
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