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ORNL-TM-2019-1370.pdfFacility to Alleviate Salt Technology Risks (FASTR): Preliminary Design - Report with Failure Modes and Effects AnnalysisKevin Robb, et al
ORNL-TM-2022-2803.pdfFacility to Alleviate Salt Technology Risks (FASTR): Design ReportKevin Robb, et al
ORNL-TM-2023-2846.pdfFacility to Alleviate Salt Technology Risks (FASTR): Commissioning UpdateKevin Robb, et al
ORNL-TM-2023-3067.pdfEstablishing Isotopic Measurement Capabilities using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for the Molten Salt Reactor CampaignHunter Andrews et al
ORNL-TM-2023-3138.pdfDesign of Instrumentation for Noble Gas Transport in LSTL Needed for Model DevelopmentJoanna McFarlane et al