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The GAIN team is engaging with nuclear-curious communities around the country as they consider advanced nuclear in their energy transitions. We are investigating, documenting and sharing the differences and similarities for communities as they move through the process in hopes that we can provide examples and opportunities when new communities and their partners start down this path.​ For more information about the benefits of this transition, contact Christine King, GAIN Director, at [email protected] or 650-283-4235.

The GAIN Repowering coal project…

…Is working with a diverse group of participants evaluating several specific sites in different regions to set a broad foundation and framework for successful coal-to-nuclear repurposing projects across the U.S. This work is accelerating and informing the early phases of evaluations and the planning for those projects, with the parallel goals to:

• Enable local communities and entities to capture the important economic benefits, including jobs of adding nuclear to their energy portfolio.

• Enable potential owners/operators to select appropriate sites, upon which they could transition from coal power plants to nuclear, that provide the best return on investment.

• Enable and accelerate the transition to a new and greener energy future.

…Is achieving its mission through developing insights, expertise, and knowledge from ongoing and potential projects and enable them to be leveraged across the country for additional projects. The GAIN Repowering Coal project will enable repurposing projects by developing:

• Critical conditions and factors to evaluate,

• An overall approach and roadmap to support the repurposing projects,

• Recommendations and guidance for a successful project,

• Informational and educational tools and assets for stakeholder use in evaluating and planning a project.

…Is an independent advocate for repowering coal power plants, without bias toward a site location and/or technology selections. GAIN will continually engage the Department of Energy, industry, communities, and decision-makers to strengthen and optimize the program and resulting products.

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