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In 1880, a US patent for the incandescent bulb was issued, taking it from the lab—where other bulbs had failed to proceed—into commercialization. The domino effect was the deployment of the electric grid, built to move electricity from big power plants to end-use customers. Looking to the next decade, GAIN is working to support the design and commercialization of clean energy technology not only to reinvent and decarbonize the grid as we know it today, but to reimagine the entire built world from steel manufacturing to fertilizer composition.

Current U.S. Nuclear Power Stations

Current U.S. Nuclear Power Stations

Milestones in Advanced Nuclear

GAIN has also created interactive tools that provide information to the public on statewide trends and a policy dashboard that highlights pending and enacted legislation. Learn more >

Nuclear State Policy Dashboard

Evolving policies directly impact states’ ability to make energy plans. GAIN has created a policy dashboard that highlights pending and enacted legislation, allowing leaders to keep up with the latest. Learn more >

A growing number of states have passed legislation that opens the door to advanced nuclear technologies. GAIN helps states requesting information on nuclear technologies by providing access to the laboratory’s experts on nuclear science and research.


GAIN helps local and state officials facilitate discussions about whether advanced nuclear technologies are a good fit for communities engaged in clean energy transitions.

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