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GIF Webinar – June 5, 2024

June 5, 2024

Directed Energy Deposition Process of Corrosion Resistant Coating for Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Environment

This webinar describes a methodology for surface coating technology using the DED technique. Also, optimization of the coating layer manufacturing process of LBE corrosion-resistant materials has been performed. Various property evaluations of the DED coated layer, such as microstructure evaluations, and mechanical properties, including high-temperature tensile test, general corrosion, and high-temperature LBE exposure test, have been performed. Finally, by confirming the applicability of the DED coating process, which has a coating thickness within 10% of the base material thickness in the final dimension, a plan to solve the existing problems of Code registration and post-process of newly developed materials was proposed.

Based on this study, the time required for the actual application of LBE corrosion-resistant materials will be greatly reduced. In addition, reliable and fast material development could be possible by applying the methodology presented in this research not only in the LBE environment but also in the field of material development that requires corrosion resistance or hard-facing in other industries.

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