DOE Program Resources

The US. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy’s mission is to advance nuclear energy science and technology to meet U.S. energy environment, and economic needs. It does this through its partnership with GAIN. Below are compiled important documents that serve as resources for communities and industry.

Advanced Reactor Supply Chain Assessment

This report identifies gaps in the domestic supply chain’s ability to meet the various projections for the specific assessed components (vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, graphite, and sensors). In summary, suppliers in the United States believe that there is a way to increase production in order to begin meeting the demand which will exist for advanced reactors—as long as appropriate investments can be made in the supply chain in an appropriate timeframe.

Taxonomic Guidance on Advanced Reactors

Many organizations are increasingly discussing the role of advanced reactors as an important zero-carbon, firm energy source. This report is an industry consensus definition for the term advanced reactor, along with reasoning and additional taxonomic guidance, is offered to assist these discussions by providing context and consistent terminology to distinguish between technically relevant features of advanced reactors.  

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