INL's Advanced Test Reactor
INL's Advanced Test Reactor

DOE Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Program

The Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (DOE-NE AMMT) Program develops cross-cutting technologies in support of a broad range of nuclear reactor technologies, and maintains U.S. leadership in materials and manufacturing technologies for nuclear energy applications. The overarching vision of the AMMT program is ​to accelerate the development, qualification, demonstration, and deployment of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to enable reliable and economical nuclear energy.

The major goals of the AMMT program are:

  1. Develop advanced materials and manufacturing technologies that have cross-reactor impacts
  2. Establish a comprehensive framework for rapid qualification of new materials made by advanced manufacturing
  3. Accelerate commercialization of new materials and manufacturing technologies through demonstration and deployment.

The AMMT program consists of three program elements: 

  1. ​Development, Qualification and Demonstration
  2. Capability Development and Transformative Research
  3. Collaborative Research and Development. 

​​We use an integrated approach combining a set of tools including advanced characterization, high-throughput and accelerated testing techniques, modeling and simulation, and machine learning and artificial intelligence to build a novel framework for accelerated development, qualification, and demonstration of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. R&D is executed in multi-disciplinary and cross-organizational teams to leverage collaboration and integration.

The AMMT program directly impacts the nuclear industry by developing high-performance radiation-, corrosion- and high temperature-resistant materials for advanced manufacturing and/or through advanced manufacturing and accelerating the deployment of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to enable reliable and economical nuclear energy.


The AMMT 2022 roadmap ( was recently released. The roadmap identifies the key research needs, challenges, and opportunities; outlines strategic research priorities; and provides a detailed five-year plan. The roadmap is a living document and will be updated periodically.​

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Dirk Cairns-Gallimore
Federal Manager
DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
O: 301-903-3332
C: 202-360-3347
[email protected]

Meimei LI
National Technical Director
Argonne National Laboratory
Nuclear Science and Engineering Division
9700 South Cass Ave, Lemont, IL 60439-4838
O: 630-252-5111
[email protected]

David Andersson
Deputy National Technical Director
Los Alamos National Laboratory
MST-8, Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes, MS G755
Los Alamos, NM 87545
O: 505-665-8621
C: 505-709-0389
[email protected]

Isabella Van Rooyen
Technical Area Lead for Materials Development
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nuclear Sciences Division
Energy and Environment Directorate
902 Battelle Boulevard, P.O. Box 999, MSIN K9-09, Richland, WA  99352
O: 509-375-2624
C: 208-313-3162
Email: [email protected]

Ryan Dehoff
Technical Area Lead for Advanced Manufacturing
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Manufacturing Science Division
1 Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
O: 865-576-8336
[email protected]

Andrea Jokisaari
Technical Area Lead for Environmental Effects
Idaho National Laboratory
Irradiated Fuels and Materials 
1955 Fremont Ave., Idaho Falls, ID 83415 
O: 208-526-4428  
[email protected] ​

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