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Regulatory Update

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission endorses guidance for advanced reactor licensing – Advanced Reactor Content of Application Project (ARCAP)

The NRC issued new guidance documents to facilitate the licensing process for non-light water reactor designs. This ARCAP guidance was developed to support near-term advanced reactor applicants under 10 CFR Part 50 and Part 52, and also support the 10 CFR Part 53 rulemaking effort.  It reflects a technology-inclusive, risk-informed and performance-based structure for NRC license applications. The ARCAP encompassed the industry-led Technology-Inclusive Content of Application Project (TI-CAP) and is built on the outcome of the Licensing Modernization Project. The ARCAP guidance is intended to be used for an advanced reactor application for a combined license, construction permit, operating license, design certification, standard design approval, or manufacturing license.

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