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Regulatory Update

NRC Issues Final Rule for Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Other New Technologies (ONTs)

The NRC has issued the final rule regarding emergency preparedness. The rule and related NRC guidance were effective on December 18, 2023 and address how state-of-the-art facility designs and safety research apply to future operation of small modular reactors and other new technologies. The expected outcome is greater regulatory stability, predictability, and clarity related to the development and near-term deployment of these advanced technologies by:

  • continuing to provide reasonable assurance that adequate protective measures can and will be implemented by an SMR or ONT licensee
  • recognizing advances in design and technological advancements 
  • crediting safety enhancements in evolutionary and passive systems
  • crediting the potential benefits of smaller sized reactors and non-LWRs associated with postulated accidents, including slower transient response times, and relatively small and slow release of fission products
  • reducing the need for requests for exemptions from EP regulatory requirements

 The final rule can be found here:

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