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Regulatory Update

Major Commission Policy Issue Resolved Based on Utility-Led Licensing Modernization Project (LMP)

June 15, 2020

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has recently completed its work with industry stakeholders in support of the advanced reactor Licensing Modernization Project (LMP). This project was led by Southern Company (on behalf of industry), coordinated through the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), and cost-shared by DOE. The project developed technical licensing methods reflected in NEI 18-04 that are non-LWR technology-inclusive, risk-informed, and performance-based.

LMP’s key objective is to establish formally NRC-endorsed regulatory guidance for this foundational design and licensing approach that can be used by advanced reactor license applicants. The NRC technical staff has completed its review of the approach the Commission has unanimously approved its use, resolving this longstanding policy and regulatory uncertainty for advanced reactor technologies. Completion of this coordinated DOE-Industry-NRC effort is expected to encourage safer, simpler advanced reactor designs, and potentially accelerate their commercial deployment.

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