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GEN IV Webinar Series:

Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing CO2 Emissions Webinar

April 19, 2022

This webinar, presented jointly by the Gen-IV International Forum (GIF), International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), and Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), addressed the Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing CO2 Emissions. The event featured 20-minute presentations from each of our guest speakers, followed by a 30-minute, panel discussion in response to audience questions.


  • Accelerating Economy-Wide Decarbonization via Nuclear Energy with Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton. She is the director of the Integrated Energy & Storage Systems Division in the Energy & Environment Science & Technology Directorate at Idaho National Laboratory, which includes Power and Energy Systems, Energy Storage and Electric Transportation, and Hydrogen and Electrochemistry departments. She also serves as the National Technical Director for the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Integrated Energy Systems program. Dr. Bragg-Sitton is currently serving as the Chair of the Gen-IV International Forum interim Task Force (iTF) on Non-electric Applications of Nuclear Heat (NEaNH).

  • Nuclear Energy, An Important Part of Solution to Net Zero World with Mr. Wei Huang. He is the Director of Division of Planning, Information, and Knowledge Management in the Department of Nuclear Energy (NEPIK), IAEA. Since joining the IAEA in March 2016, Mr. Huang has led the Agency’s activities in the capacity building in Member States in energy planning and information and knowledge management. In addition to coordinating joint energy planning initiatives with UNDESA, IRENA, and UN Regional Commissions, he has also served as the organizational focal point to the IPCC and UNFCCC and directly contributed to many key international events on SDGs and climate change, such as UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF), UN High Level Dialogue on Energy (HLDE), UN Global Conference on Strengthening Synergies between SDGs and Paris Agreement and a number of COPs including COP 26. He was the lead Scientific Secretary of the first IAEA International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power convened in October 2019.

  • Meeting Climate Change Targets: The Role of Nuclear Energy with Ms. Diane Cameron. She is the head of the Nuclear Technology Development and Economics Division in the NEA. She has a distinguished career in the Canadian government and served as director of the Nuclear Energy Division at Natural Resources Canada (2014 to 2021). As Director, she headed up the division responsible for leading and coordinating Canadian public policy on nuclear energy. She was one of Canada’s Generation IV International Forum Policy Group members.


  • Dr. Patricia Paviet is the group leader of the Radiological Materials Group, at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and National Technical Director of the Molten Salt Reactor Program on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy. She is currently Chair of the Generation IV International Forum, Education and Training Working Group.

  • Dr. Tatjana Jevremovic is team leader and project manager for Water Cooled Reactor Technology Development at the IAEA, and Technical Selection Committee Chair for the IAEA Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship Programme. Highlights of her eminent career: project director and chief engineer in the European and Japanese nuclear industries, a university professor in Japan and the U.S., director of the university research reactor in the U.S., over 300 scientific papers and technical reports.
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