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GEN IV Webinar Series: China’s Multi-purpose – ACP100 Design and Project Progress

August 31, 2022

The Nuclear Power Institute of China has developed many small and medium (SMR) reactors including those used for nuclear seawater desalination, nuclear district heating, and nuclear-powered commercial ships, multi-purpose small modular pressurized reactors. Developing nuclear energy is a measure of meeting national economic development and satisfying the need for energy conservation and reduction of emissions. Large-size nuclear power units are less suitable for regional networks and non-electric fields, highlighting the importance of studying small and medium reactors. Small reactors are also in high demand for developing countries and the vast Midwest of China. Domestic cities and regions are also in urgent need of nuclear energy for heating, desalination, and district heating.

This webinar was presented by Dr. Song Danrong, chief designer at the Nuclear Power Institute of China. Dr. Song earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1991, his Master’s Degree of Business Administration in 2003, and his Doctoral Degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering from the Nuclear Power Institute of China in 2009. Currently, he works as the Chief Designer of the SMR demonstration project ACP100 in China. Dr. Song specializes in small and medium reactor overall design, isotopic production reactor overall design, seawater desalination, and low-temperature nuclear heating plant feasibility studies.

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