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GEN-IV Webinar Series 53:

Opportunities for Generation-IV Reactors Designers through Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

May 25, 2021

The development of critical design criteria for new advanced reactor systems, components, and materials requires an understanding of both fabrication and the irradiation environment during normal operating and accident conditions. Next-generation researchers and designers are therefore challenged not only by demands for improved performance, they must also work to shorten the development and commercialization lifecycle for new nuclear reactors and systems to remain competitive. This provides unique and exciting opportunities for all contributors to this field of study.

This presentation will offer a strategic overview of the impact that advanced manufacturing has on the lifecycle of new generation reactors. By evaluating state-of-the-art practices found in other large manufacturing industries, this presentation provides an overview of major innovation areas that are considered to benefit the GEN-IV systems (SFR, GFR, LFR, FSMR…). Synergetic advanced manufacturing approaches beneficial to the collective GEN-IV systems, with some examples of differentiating approaches necessary for specific reactor designs, are discussed. Furthermore, new paradigms in licensing approaches for additively manufactured parts will be discussed.

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