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GEN-IV Webinar: Geospatial Analytics for Energy and Resilience Analysis

November 28, 2022

Energy systems are often compared on the basis of their economics. However, these can vary with location as can access to resources, labor, transportation networks and the receptiveness of host communities. Natural hazards and climate impacts can also vary dramatically from one location to another. This webinar provides an overview of energy-related geospatial analytics at the Colorado School of Mines that grew Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) funding.

The webinar was presented by Mark Deinert, who is an associate professor in the Nuclear Science and Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines. He holds external appointments in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University and as a consultant with the World Bank on climate resilience. His research is focused on modeling and simulation of complex systems with applications to nuclear power, nuclear security, distributed energy systems and risk analysis.

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