GAIN’s CLEAN NUCLEAR ENERGY FOR INDUSTRY WEBINAR SERIES – Part 3: The Case for SMRs and Microreactors in Puerto Rico

June 18, 2020

The GAIN Clean Nuclear Energy for Industry Webinar Series highlights the innovations in nuclear energy and associated integrated-energy options that may be beneficial to a wide range of industrial energy applications. The intent is to develop connections between the nuclear community and the energy end-use community to communicate the benefits of clean, reliable, and resilient nuclear energy.

The third webinar in this series is co-sponsored by ANS Young Members Group and features the feasibility study led by The Nuclear Alternative Project, a non-profit formed by Puerto Rican engineers in the U.S. nuclear industry and involved a team of more than 20 consultants and industry advisors. This study, highlighting SMRS and Microreactors for Puerto Rico, represents a first-of-a-kind collaborative effort focused on the need for next-generation nuclear reactors in response to Puerto Rico’s House Resolution 1189. In this webinar, Eddie Guerra, Luis Reyes, and Ivan Lugo will present the study’s key findings with a special focus on applications for Puerto Rico’s manufacturing sector and critical infrastructure needs.

Agenda & Presentation

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