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GAIN-EPRI-NEI’S Economics-Based R&D for Nuclear Power Construction Workshop

January 17-18, 2019

The impetus for the workshop was an existing study being performed by the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Advanced Nuclear Technology (ANT) group to identify cost-estimating methods used by the nuclear power industry, develop a tool for analyzing construction costs, and develop a roadmap to direct future research and development towards reducing construction costs of nuclear power plants.

The name of the ANT project is, Economics-Based R&D for New Nuclear Plant Development. It is being co-funded by ClearPath, EPRI, GAIN, NEI, and NuScale. The workshop provided the opportunity to relay the current results of the ANT study and receive industry input on the accuracy of identified cost drivers for nuclear power plant construction and potential technological solutions. More specifically and as stated in the invitation for the event, the goal was to:

  • Learn about the recent international studies on cost drivers.
  • Hear about the specific results coming from EPRI’s cost study on construction.
  • Engage in open discussion about technologies that can reduce construction costs.

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