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2022 Molten Salt Reactor Workshop

October 11-12, 2022

Registration will open in June 2022.

Topics to be presented during the 2022 workshop will include:

  • Overviews of US Department of Energy (DOE) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) MSR released activities
  • Overviews of the US DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) MSR technology development and advanced modeling and simulation activities
  • DOE-NE and NRC sponsored MSR activities overviews
  • Safeguards and proliferation resistance
  • Salt chemistry
  • Salt irradiation
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Reactor operations and monitoring
  • Safety and licensing
  • Overviews of the current status from several MSR reactor developers deployment

For more information: msrworkshop.ornl.gov.

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