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2023 ANS Winter Conference and Expo

Washington Hilton, Washington D.C.

November 12-15, 2023

EXPO THEME: Maintaining the Momentum

Nuclear is enjoying a well-earned moment in the sun. In the last few years, the need for reliable, clean energy has come into sharper focus. We have witnessed historic public investments in both new and existing nuclear technology, accompanied by a strengthening of public support and acceptance. Is the industry up to the task of capitalizing on these tailwinds? To be successful we will need to maintain our current nuclear plants and facilities at their peak condition for long term operations while we simultaneously commercialize a new generation of advanced technologies. Challenges abound. We need a larger workforce, reinvigorated supply chains, a robust nuclear R&D infrastructure, expanded public and private sector investments, and increased public advocacy for the benefits of nuclear power.

How do we maintain momentum in a rapidly changing energy and environmental landscape? Join America’s top nuclear leaders and be part of the conversation.

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