NSUF-GAIN Nuclear Thermal-Hydraulics Workshop
July 13, 2017  


Develop a ranked list of US domestic thermal-hydraulic research and development needs for each of the reactor technology groups in support of nuclear energy focused R&D. The following avenues of input will be used to develop the list:
  • Input submitted through the Department of Energy - Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE)
  • Request for Information (RFI) (DE-SOL-0008318, April 13, 2015)
  • Input from the GAIN reactor technology working groups.
  • Input during workshop discussion and presentations
  • Input from capability users, including DOE-NE program interests and specific needs for thermalhydraulics-related research and development
Who should attend: Industry participation is essential to NSUF's ability to ensure DOE has the appropriate capability available for developers to use as they move from early research into commercialization.
Nuclear thermal-hydraulic subject matter experts will be invited from industry, academia, national laboratories, regulatory, and international communities. In order to accommodate as many viewpoints as possible, attendance may be limited based on interest. There will be opportunities for people to participate who cannot attend the actual workshop.
The workshop will be organized into reactor technology groups:
  • Light-water reactors (LWRs), including small modular reactors (SMRs)
  • Molten salt reactors (MSRs)
  • High-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs)
  • Fast reactors (FRs), including sodium-cooled, lead-cooled, gas-cooled, and molten salt fast reactors
Workshop participants will include users and owners of existing thermal-hydraulic testing facilities, as well as proposals for new facilities.The facility owners/proposers will be asked to present their capabilities in breakout sessions.The user groups will each establish a set of criteria to aid in ranking the test facilities.
Venue (Click on the photo for a map)
EIL Meeting Center.png
Idaho National Laboratory
Energy Innovation Laboratory (EIL)
775 University  Boulevard
Idaho Falls, ID 83415