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Upcoming Events


Idaho National Laboratory and the National University Consortium are organizing a virtual workshop series focused on topics related to the Fission Battery Initiative. The initiative envisions Developing technologies that enable nuclear reactor systems to function as batteries (see attached invitation for more details on the initiative).

These workshops will provide an opportunity to learn about and discuss the research and development needed to establish technologies that can fully achieve battery-like functionality for nuclear energy systems.

The topics and dates of each workshop are listed below, along with a link to register. The final agenda and list of speakers will be released closer to the workshop dates.

Registration is required to attend; please note that each day requires a separate registration. Upon registering you will receive a calendar notice via email which includes the live link for the virtual meeting.

Register Here:
Reimagining Energy
**​Explore the evolving role of various energy sources and the new uses enabled by innovation. Future energy systems will be sourced with a sustainable supply chain. Imagine a future of energy that is more integrated and customized to local needs. Our speakers will share how thinking far into the future is shaping their work today.

Application Deadline for Cycle 2021-1 of the Industry Funding Opportunity Announce (FOA) Extended to April 30, 2021

Click on this link or Additional Information:
The 12th annual Modeling, Experimentation, and Validation (MeV) Summer School will be organized by Argonne National Laboratory and held virtually from July 19-30, 2021.
This year’s theme is “Holistic Innovation: Integrating Methods, Experiments, and People to Advance Nuclear Technology.”
The announcement can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the flyer image below. We respectfully ask that you forward this information to students and colleagues that would benefit from the school or help distribute this information throughout your institution.
Information and online application instructions are available in the flyer and on the school’s website at
The deadline for applications is March 30, 2020.
2021 MeV Summer School Organizing Committee
Florent Heidet, ANL Dean
Tyler J. Gerczak, ORNL Dean
Curtis Smith, INL Dean
Please mark your calendars for August 30 – September 2, 2021 to attend the MSR Workshop at PNNL’s Discovery Hall in Richland, Washington. We greatly apologize for the postponement of the Workshop and appreciate your support as we move forward in future planning. Please keep an eye on our MSR Workshop 2021 website. We are committed to share event updates with you and build momentum as we prepare to see you next year.

For MORE information follow this link: