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In Service Inspection is a major challenge to consider for future Generation IV Reactors safety. Therefore, a large focus of R&D work has been performed since 2010 in France for the Sodium Fast Reactor systems (SFR), mainly dedicated to the inspection of reactor block structures, primary components and circuits, and Power Conversion System main components (Heat Exchangers). In Service Inspection requirements have to be taken into account since the early preconceptual design phase, then consolidated through the basic design phase with more detailed specifications leading to increase the inspection tools ability for immersed sodium structures of SFRs, at about 200°C (shut down conditions). Inspection within the main vessel should be performed either with transducers immersed in sodium (with associated in sodium robotics) and with transducers located out of sodium medium. Nondestructive Examination, Telemetry and Imaging are qualified with experimental in-water and then in-sodium testing, using
ultrasonic transducers. Experimental results are then compared to simulations using French CIVA software platform results. Repair was also part of this program, with laser system development. This webinar provides a technical overview of this
ISI&R program that involves specific international collaborations done through GENIV mainly. Of course, it also benefits to other Gen4 systems.

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The 12th annual Modeling, Experimentation, and Validation (MeV) Summer School will be organized by Argonne National Laboratory and held virtually from July 19-30, 2021.
This year’s theme is “Holistic Innovation: Integrating Methods, Experiments, and People to Advance Nuclear Technology.”
The announcement can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the flyer image below. We respectfully ask that you forward this information to students and colleagues that would benefit from the school or help distribute this information throughout your institution.
Information and online application instructions are available in the flyer and on the school’s website at
The deadline for applications is March 30, 2020.
2021 MeV Summer School Organizing Committee
Florent Heidet, ANL Dean
Tyler J. Gerczak, ORNL Dean
Curtis Smith, INL Dean
The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp is back - virtually! Today we are opening FREE registration to our annual event taking place on August 5th from 12:00 - 15:15 EDT. There are also limited-capacity side events taking place earlier and later in the day. This will be the Bootcamp’s first entirely public event since its founding in 2016 so register now and share the event with your colleagues!

This year's program will feature panel discussions on 21st century applications for advanced reactors, the technology’s implications for environmental justice, and its role within the broader cleantech ecosystem. Consistent with past years, the panelists will represent a broad range of backgrounds from within and outside the nuclear space.
We look forward to seeing you in August!

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Please mark your calendars for August 30 – September 2, 2021 to attend the MSR Workshop at PNNL’s Discovery Hall in Richland, Washington. We greatly apologize for the postponement of the Workshop and appreciate your support as we move forward in future planning. Please keep an eye on our MSR Workshop 2021 website. We are committed to share event updates with you and build momentum as we prepare to see you next year.

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