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A new key research initiative at EPRI is focusing on technology for Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and online monitoring for high
temperature applications. As an important part of this effort, we are looking to build a network of vendors and technology
researchers to facilitate collaborations in this area.

We are also hosting a technical workshop as part of this initiative. The objective of the workshop is to identify promising sensor
technologies and solutions. The workshop will help increase awareness and facilitate collaboration between EPRI and others.
Don’t miss NEI's International Uranium Fuel Seminar at the Westin Savannah Nov. 7-9. It is a prime networking opportunity for nuclear fuel and utility leaders.
Explore the issues impacting the nuclear fuel cycle by attending two half-day sessions on fuel policy, markets, and trade issues, as well as plenty of networking opportunities.

Conference Webpage:
This workshop gathers subject matter experts, managers, researchers, vendors, and students to discuss the progress and advances of molten salt reactor (MSR) technologies. This comprises thermal or fast neutron spectrum reactor designs as well as chloride and/or fluoride salt concepts.

Presentations will focus on molten salt chemistry, actinide and radionuclide chemistry under molten salt conditions, modeling, thermodynamics, corrosion, and safeguards. Additionally, this three-day workshop will include tours, a poster session, invited lecturers, exhibitors, and networking.

Submit your abstract for an oral presentation or poster session by November 30, 2021!  Click here for the abstract page.

Join us March 28-30, 2022, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the State of Washington to discover and share the latest in advancing molten salt reactor systems.

For MORE information follow this link: