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Upcoming Events

Join this webinar to:
*Identify end-user needs for power, heat, steam, etc., including reliability requirements
*inform end-users about the capabilities and timelines for advanced reactors
*Establish connections between the advanced and nuclear technology developers and energy end-users

For More information:
The High-Assay Low -Enriched (HALEU) Webinar will inform stakeholders on the status and challenges associated with HALEU for fuel fabrication and reactor development. The webinar will cover the following aspects of HALEU supply with a focus on the 10-20% enrichment range:
* Anticapted demand and timeline projections for HALEU
* Enrichment, conversion, and deconversion
* Transportation needs
* Legislative and regulatory issues
Register here:
Learn about this growing industry’s strategic vision for used fuel, decommissioning and more from top business and government experts.
Join your colleagues in Las Vegas to network, meet suppliers, attend relevant workshops and hear from industry leaders about:
·         Used fuel in a carbon-free world
·         Transforming dry storage licensing
·         Consolidating storage
·         Transporting used fuel before 2024
·         Strategies to improve decommissioning
·         Innovative long-term solutions.
This workshop will provide a forum for advanced reactor stakeholders to discuss how ASME Codes and Standards can support design and construction of High Temperature Reactors.

Who: Industry, stakeholders, regulators and Codes & Standards developers with an interest in advanced reactors
When: Sunday, May 10, 2020, 8:30 AM –5:00 PM
Where: Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, Denver, CO
Co-location: With ASME Boiler Code Week, May 10 –15, 2020

Pre-Register by March 13, 2020
*GAIN, EPRI, NEI workshop to exchange information among advanced nuclear technology developers, commercial instrument suppliers, and sensor researchers from DOE national laboratories, universities, and industry
*Identify measurement requirements and needs for advanced reactor concepts: (HTRs, FRs, MSRs)
*Create phased development approach for sensors with demonstration experiments and related facilities (irradiation test, single effect test, advanced operation modes) as near-term targets
*Understand current national laboratory capability and identify gaps to inform applicable DOE research programs

For More Information:
* Creativity and Ideation
* Community and Influence
* Cross-Cutting Applications
This is a joint Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) workshop. It will be held at the EPRI offices in Charlotte, North Carolina at 1300 West WT Harris Boulevard. The contacts are: Charles W Forsberg (, Piyush Sabharwall ( and Andrew Sowder (