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Third Way - Nuclear Reimagined

Molten Salt Reactor Workshop 2018 - October 3-4, 2018
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN
Sessions will include:
  • progress of the inaugural MSR Campaign within the Department of Energy's Advanced Reactor Technologies Program,
  • updates from MSR developers,
  • discussions on enabling and enhancing MSR technologies, and
  • connections to industry partners.
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Molten Salt Reactor Training Materials
November 7-8, 2017
The MSR presentations are available at overall package number is ML17331B100, and the specific modules are listed in the following table. 
Click on the NRC Accession Number to go directly to the presentation. 
MRS Training Module Title
​NRC Accession Number
​Module   1 - History, Background and Current MSR Developments
​Module   2 - Overview of MSR Technology and Concepts
​Module   3 - Overview of Fuel and Coolant Salt Chemistry and Thermal Hydraulics
​Module   4 - MSR Neutronics
​Module   5 - Materials
​Module   6 - Systems and Components
Module   7 - ​Overview of MSR Instrumentation
​Module   8 - Fuel Cycle and Safeguards
​Module   9 - Operating Experience
​Module 10 - Safety Analysis and Design Requirements
Module 11 - ​Regulatory Issues and Challenges
​Module 12 - MSR Development and R&D Issues

Molten Salt Reactor Technology Information
The interim MSR Technology Information List provides access to the first set of cataloged MSR documents available on OSTI. By downloading the Excel spreadsheet, you will have access to individual links to each legacy file. The file will be updated periodically as we work through the continuing catalog process with OSTI.  Please direct questions through

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Published on Oct 4, 2017
Video shows a demonstration of replacing the major components of a molten salt reactor mock-up built by ORNL in the late 1950s - early 1960s using remote handling technology.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Published on Oct 14, 2016
This film was produced in 1969 by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the United States Atomic Energy Commission to inform the public regarding the history, technology, and milestonesof the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE). Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Molten Salt Reactor Experiment was designed to assess the viability of liquid fuel reactor technologies for use in commercial power generation. It operated from January 1965 through December 1969, logging more than 13,000 hours at full power during its four-year run. The MSRE was designated a nuclear historic landmark in 1994. 

Thanks to Y-12 for the collection, preservation and digitization of this and other historic films.