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Fast Reactor Technology Information

The interim Fast Reactory (FR) Technology Information List provides access to the first set of cataloged FR documents available on OSTI. By downloading the Excel spreadsheet, you will have access to individual links to each legacy file. The file will be updated periodically as we work through the continuing catalog process with OSTI.  Please direct questions through

GAIN-DOE Fast Reactor Tech Rpts Public 16Feb17

Fast Flux Test Facility
The Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) is the most recent liquid-metal reactor (LMR) to operate in the United States (1982 to 1992) and played a key role in Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor (LMFBR) development and testing activities. In addition to irradiation testing capabilities, FFTF provided long-term testing and evaluation of plant components and systems for LMFBRs. The technology employed in designing and constructing this reactor, as well as information obtained from tests conducted during its operation could be helpful in advanced reactor designs.  As legacy information becomes available, it will be posted in the link below.