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Draft ASME Section III Division 5 Code Cases to extend EPP strain limits and creep-fatigue design methods to Grade 91 - Document #: ANL-ART-165M.C. Messner, et alDocument-ANL-ART-1652019
Inelastic analysis procedure based on the Grade 91 unified viscoplastic constitutive model for ASME implementation - Document #: ANL-ART-167M.C. Messner, et alDocument-ANL-ART-1672019
In-Situ Spatial Mapping of Hydrogen in Yttrium Hydrides at LANSCE - Document #: LA-UR-22-29025A.M. Long, et alDocument-LA-UR-22-290252022
Performance of Microreactor Test Article with Embedded Sensors During Testing in the Single Primary Heat Extraction and Removal EmulatorHolden C. Hyer, et alDocument-ORNL-TM-2022-26192022
Initial study of notch sensitivity ofGrade 91 using mechanisms motivatedcrystal plasticity finite element method - Document #: ANL-ART-171A. Rovinelli, et alDocument-ANL-ART-1712019
Initial development and verification of a primary load design method based on elastic-perfectly plastic analysis - Document #: ANL-ART-201Mark C. Messner, et alDocument-ANL-ART-2012020
Initial microstructural model for creep-fatigue damage in Grade 91 steel - Document #: ANL-ART-202A. Rovinelli, et alDocument-ANL-ART-2022020
Sample problems for Section III, Division 5 design by inelastic analysis of Grade 91 components - Document #: ANL-ART-204Guosheng Ye, et alDocument-ANL-ART-2042020
Fuel Fabrication Faciliuty Study for FCF HALEU - Document #: INL/EXT-19-52614 Rev.0D.C. Crawford, et alDocument-INL-EXT-19-52614_Rev.02019
HALEU Decontamination Investigations for EBR-II Recovered Uranium - Document #: INL/EXT-19-53191 Rev.0Michael N. Patterson, et alDocument-INL-EXT-19-53191_Rev.02019
Key Regulatory Issues in Nuclear Microreactor Transport and Siting - Document #: INL/EXT-19-55257Wayne L. MoeDocument-INL-EXT-19-552572019
Integration of a Microturbine Power Conversion Unit in MAGNET - Document #: INL/EXT-20-57712Donna Post Guillen, et alDocument-INL-EXT-20-577122020
Evaluation of Sites for Advanced Reactor Demonstrations at Idaho National Laboratory - Document #: INL/EXT-20-57821Alison Conner, et alDocument-INL-EXT-20-578212020
Evaluation of Microreactor Inhalation Dose Consequences - Document #: INL/EXT-20-58163/ECAR-5065 Rev.0Troy P. ReissDocument-INL-EXT-20-58163_ECAR-5065_Rev0.2020
Determining the Appropriate Emergency Planning Attributes for Microreactors - Document #: INL/EXT-20-58467Jason Christensen, et alDocument-INL-EXT-20-584672020
The Elevated-Temperature Cyclic Properties of Alloy 316L Manufactured Using Powder Metallurgy Hot Isostatic Pressing - Document#: INL/EXT-20-59327Ryann Rupp, et alDocument-INL-EXT-20-593272020
Experience with DireWolf for Heat-Pipe Microreactor Analysis to Support Early Demonstration Document #: INL/EXT-20-59691Travis LangeDocument-INL-EXT-20-596912020
DOE Microreactor Program: Summary of Experimental Capabilities Development and Activities - Document #: INL/EXT-20-604441, Rev. 0Piyush Sabharwall, et alDocument-INL-EXT-20-604412020
SPHERE Assembly and Operation Demonstration - Document #: INL-EXT-20-60782Piyush Sabharwall, et alDocument-INL-EXT-20-607822020
Modeling and Analysis Support for High Temperature Single Heat Pipe Experiment: Current Status and Plan- Document #: INL-EXT-21-61961JunSoo You, et alDocument-INL-EXT-21-619612021
Global Market Analysis of Microreactors - Document#: INL-EXT-21-63214David Shropshire, et alDocument-INL-EXT-21-632142021
Effects of Heat Pipe Failures in Microreactors - Document #: LA-UA-20-23798Valerie Lawdesnky, et alDocument-LA-UA-20-237982020
Microreactor Demonstration and Testing Progress in FY19 - Document #: LA-UR-19-28768Holly Trellue, et alDocument-LA-UR-19-287682019
Micro-Reactor Instrumentation and Control FY2019 Report - Document #LA-UR-19-29415David Mascareñas, et alDocument-LA-UR-19-294152019
Microreactor Agile Nonnuclear Experiment Testbed Test Plan - Document #: LA-UR-20-20824Holly Trellue, et alDocument-LA-UR-20-208242019
Effects of Heat Pipe Failures in Microreactors - Document #: LA-UR-20-23798Valeria Lawdensky, et alDocument-LA-UR-20-237982020
Advanced Moderator Material Handbook - Document #: LA-UR-20-27683A.P. Shivprasad, et alDocument-LA-UR-20-276832020
Licensing Challenges Associated with Autonomous Control - Document #: ORNL/SPR-2018/1071R.J. Belles, et alDocument-ORNL-SPR-2018-10712018
A Survey of Additive Manufacturing Capabilities - Document #: ORNL/TM-2018/1013R.J. Belles, et alDocument-ORNL-TM-2018-10132018
A Survey of Materials for Additive Manufacturing - Document #: ORNL/TM-2018/886R.J. Belles, et alDocument-ORNL-TM-2018-8862018
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