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2020 MIT/INL/EPRI Webinar Series - Separating Nuclear Reactors from the Power Block with Heat Storage: A New Power Plant Design Paradigm: Session 1. Markets, Requirements and Systems Design, July 29, 2020, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm ET


The energy market is changing because of (1) the goal of a low-carbon energy system and (2) the expansion of low-operating-cost wind and solar PV that collapse electricity prices at certain times. We examine the changes in markets and requirements and alternative nuclear system designs with large-scale heat storage to enable base-load nuclear plants to provide variable electricity to the grid and heat to industry. In the U.S., the industrial demand for heat is about twice the total electricity production; thus, there are two major markets for nuclear energy in the U.S. The addition of heat storage enables integration of electricity and heat markets because it partly decouples in time heat production versus heat and electricity to customers. Separate from these considerations, large-scale heat storage has massive implications for grid resilience because energy production is partly decoupled from the grid. Registration is required. Information and Registration:


WebWorkshopNuclearSystemDesignJuly- August 2020,Rev2May2020.pdf